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News: 2015 Bama Performance Mustang

Natural Wonder

Bama Performance set the mark for quickest naturally aspirated 2015 GT—then the car ran 9s with nitrous

By Steve Turner
Photos by Bama Performance

Surprisingly the battle for Internet performance milestones with the 2015 Mustang hasn’t yet reached a frenzy yet. Perhaps the enthusiasm was dampened when Ford Racing set the bar with its .99 Challenge before the cars even arrived on dealer lots. However, it looks like that’s all about to change.
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News: 2015 BMR Mustang Drag Test

Track Time

BMR Suspension baselines its first S550 development car at the drag strip

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of BMR Suspension

In the first 24 hours that you own a new Mustang, you might want to remove all those dealer stickers, detail it, and take your favorite person out for a ride. In the case of BMR Suspension, the company needed to set a baseline before developing its new series of S550 suspension parts. So, the BMR crew headed right to Bradenton Motorsports Park and ran it down the quarter mile!
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