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Feature: Terminator-Swap 1965 Mustang

Challenge Accepted

Sam Anderson challenged himself to build a 733-horsepower classic

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Sam Anderson

If you have built more than one project car, you always want to push the next one to a higher plane than the last. That was definitely the case for Sam Anderson, who set out to see just what kind of build he was capable of creating. As you can see, he was capable of fusing two iconic Mustangs into one project-car masterpiece.
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News: 2015 Mustang IRS Upgrades

Independent Enhancements

The Driveshaft Shop and Lethal Performance team up to offer 2015 Mustang IRS upgrades

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of The Driveshaft Shop and Lethal Performance

The drivetrain experts at The Driveshaft Shop have gotten their hands on a complete Independent Rear Suspension assembly from a 2015 Mustang. They are currently developing a host of upgrades for the car, and these parts will be available from Lethal Performance.
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Video: 2015 Mustang Design & Engineering

Passion Play

Dramatic video series reveals a behind-the-scenes look at S550 development

By Steve Turner

After running across a new series of 2015 Mustang videos over on Vimeo, your author was swept back to that emotional moment when I first met the 2015 Mustang in person. Sure, at that time, I was only looking at a life-size model, but it was nearly love at first sight. While I was supposed to act as an objective member of the press, I couldn’t help being swept back to my roots as a Mustang fanboy. After watching these clips, I’ll bet you feel a little fanboy flutter yourself.
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