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Tech: GT350 Intake Heatshield Test

Hot or Not?

VMP Performance tests Heatshield Products’ I-M Shield on its GT350

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Heatshield Products

As the factory continues to squeeze more and more performance out of its vehicles the software in the PCM is also quick to reel in the ignition timing in response to heat. Since heat can lead to detonation, this is a wise safeguard. However, for those of us that want maximum performance at all times, keeping the inlet air cooler and the timing more aggressive is a great idea.
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Video: 1,416-Horsepower 2015 Mustang

Power Lift

Melissa Urist’s Hellion-boosted GT is the most powerful street S550 around

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Hellion Power Systems

Since the release of the 2015 Mustang, we have seen the aftermarket push the latest Mustangs and the Coyote engine platform to some impressive levels. One of the outfits continually pushing those boundaries is Hellion Power Systems.
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Tech: 2015+ Mustang nGauge Tuning

Natural Selection

VMP Tuning wakes up a stock Mustang GT with a performance calibration

By Steve Turner

You might not have heard about it yet, but VMP Tuning added another new Mustang to its stable of project cars. This GT is destined for life as an all-out race car, but before things headed in that direction, main man Justin Starkey wanted to get work his tuning magic on the stock car to see what kind of gains were available on the stock platform.
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Video: LMR 2016 Shelby GT350 Dyno

Start Strong

Late Model Restoration tests its Shelby GT350 on the chassis dyno

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Late Model Restoration

When you plan on modding your new Mustang, the first thing you have to do is baseline the car on the chassis dyno so you can see how much power is gained with your mods. Late Model Restoration added a new project car to its stable—a 2016 Shelby GT350—and the company wasted no time in putting the car on the chassis dyno.
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News: GT350 vs. GT350R Performance

Numbers Game

How does the 2016 Shelby GT350 stack up to the GT350R?

By Steve Turner

As you know by now, the first rear-wheel dyno numbers for the Voodoo 5.2-liter engine hit the Internet last week. Despite spinning the rollers on a 100-degree dyno room at K&N Engineering, the latest Shelby GT350 put down solid peak numbers of nearly 467 horsepower and 374 lb-ft of torque. Technically, the numbers were 466.78 and 373.75, but they were rounded up, and what’s a little power among friends? Well, if you were left wondering if the GT350R brought more to the table, wonder no longer…
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