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Coyote Swapped Ford Ranger

V8 > I-4

Big engine in a little truck.

By SID297

It’s a simple formula dictated by basic physics: High Power + Low Weight = Fun.  Doesn’t get much easier than that; and when it comes to Ford trucks they don’t come much lighter than a Regular Cab 2WD Ranger.  Further, we all know that the 5.0 Coyote V8 is the Ford mill of choice for modern motor swappers.  So the combination of those two would seem to be a logical pairing, though one with some unique challenges.

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Project Crowdmower: Ford Chassis, Nissan Trans, And Chevy Engine

Mass Hysteria

Soon to be leaving a car show near you.

By SID297

You wanna turn some heads or make some traditionalists lose their minds?  Well there’s few better ways to do that than install a Chevy LS-Motor into your Mustang.  That’s exactly what SVTP Member laextreme5 (“Cody”) is doing with his New-Edge 2002 Ford Mustang GT, but he’s taking things one step further.  He’s also installing a CD009 transmission from a 2006+ Nissan 350Z.  Say what?

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News: Focus ST 2.3-liter Engine Swap

Bigger & Better

Ford Performance Racing Parts swaps a 2.3-liter EcoBoost into a Focus ST

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Performance Racing Parts

From the moment Ford equipped the Mustang with the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine and the Focus RS was slated to receive an even more powerful 2.3, Focus ST owners were jealous. Maybe you won’t admit it, but as a proud Focus ST driver, your author was definitely a bit green with envy. While the EcoBoost platform has turned adage that there’s no replacement for displacement on its ear, there’s still something to that extra grunt available from a bigger engine—even if it’s only .3 liters bigger.
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Feature: GT500-Powered Fox Coupe

Rip & Tear

Charles Cartrette’s Fox is ripped straight out of 1989, but inside it’s all 2007 GT500

By Steve Turner

Like the music we love, the cars we love are often cemented in our formative years. Much like the moment when you learn to appreciate the opposite sex, the moment when cars catch your eye sticks with you. Whether you are an early bloomer who had to have a room full of car toys, or someone that didn’t appreciate them until your driver’s license was on the horizon, it is the cars you first considered cool that stay in your heart.
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Feature: Terminator-Powered Bullitt

Pristine in Green

Justin McCormick created the perfect New Edge—a 2001 Bullitt with a 2004 Cobra drivetrain

By Steve Turner
Photos by Rob Dahm and Will Prater

If you’ve never driven a 2001 Bullitt, you are doing a disservice to yourself as a Mustang fan. For their time, these cars packed a balance of style and handling that was befitting of a car inspired by the 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback in the most famous movie chase scene ever. Being behind the wheel of a Bullitt might not have made you as cool as Steve McQueen, but it was close.
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