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Video: MGW Shelby GT350 Shifter

Shifts with Benefits

MGW Shifters details the features and benefits of its new Shelby upgrade

By Steve Turner
Photos by SID297 and courtesy of MGW Shifters

A highly tuned machine like the modern Shelby GT350 attracts a certain type of driver. If you are willing to pay the tariff to get behind that Alcantara-wrapped wheel, you are demanding a higher level of performance and precision than a standard Mustang has to offer. That likely means you want a more precise shifting experience, and that is where the experts at MGW Shifters come to the rescue.
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News: 2017 Shelby GT350 Colors

Performance Palette

The 2017 GT350 offers more standard equipment and great new colors

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Performance

As we told you back in February, the forthcoming Shelby GT350 is getting the performance goodness of the Track Package standard. Now you no longer have to make the tough decisions between performance and the luxuries. The only real choice you have to make is what color to order and there are some great new options there too. Continue reading

News: 2016 Mustang Preview

Sweet Sixteen

The next Mustang model year brings a number of new options

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

As we learned late last week, the 2016 Mustang will bring a number of new packages and options to the S550 platform. Headlined by a return of the California Special package, the 2016 model year will also offer up a Pony Package option for the EcoBoost Premium. Those that don’t like to compromise will have reason to celebrate, they can now order convertibles with the vaunted Performance Package. And that’s not all, there will even be a Black Accent package available for the Mustang GT. Continue reading