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News: Photo Highlights From PRI 2016

Race Parts Wonderland

SVTP takes you inside the best show of the year.

By SID297

If SEMA has become a car show then PRI is definitely a car-parts-show. The annual Performance Racing Industry Tradeshow is easily one of my favorite events on the calendar. There you will find everything from hard-core racing parts, to blowers, to exhaust, to safety equipment, to machine tools, to celebrities. If you love go-fast parts and turning wrenches then this is the place for you.

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Event: The Mustangs of SEMA 2016

S550 Dominates Show

The newest Mustang is easily the most popular car among displayers at SEMA 2016

By SID297
Photos by Eddie Maloney

We’ve long known that the aftermarket loves when a new Mustang platform is released.  To them it represent an opportunity to make their mark on a car that is as much a part of American automotive history as any current production model.  So to no one’s surprise it’s almost a guarantee that there will be hundreds of everyone’s favorite Pony car on display at the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas.

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Tech: GT350 Audio Upgrade

Size Matters

OEMRadio’s audio system rids the Track Pack cars of their anemic 4″ screens.

By Tob

Jesse from OEMRadio ([email protected]) is providing a solution for the rather weak factory four inch screen/”entertainment” system. Stock is woefully inadequate at best as much as many rationalize that they don’t listen to the radio anyway. IMHO, a great performing pony car doesn’t have to be a one dimensional experience. A 14hr jaunt to Georgia affirmed my own discontent after growing weary from squinting at my cell phone for navigation purposes. The 4″ system would be right at home in a Mustang GT, circa 1993, but not on 2016 GT350.

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News: Shelby GT350R Replaces Burned GT350

Phoenix Rising

After his Shelby came to a fiery end, Joe Charles upgraded to a GT350R

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Joe Charles

When it comes to the general automotive media, the Mustang is often a necessary evil. It is lauded when it can be leveraged for attention and mocked for the very same reason. When something bad happens—like an unskilled driver wadding up his high-powered Mustang outside a car show—the stories and memes fly. So, when Joe Charles’ new Shelby GT350 caught fire on a road course, it was no surprise that his social media posts went viral.
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News: Shelby GT350R-C Wins Championship

Road to Victory

The Multimatic Shelby takes the win and the championship at Road Atlanta

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

The nine-race IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge, Grand Sport season came to a close last Friday at Road Atlanta and the Ford Performance/Multimatic Motorsports Shelby GT350R-C ended on a high note. Over the course of the nine-race season, drivers Scott Maxwell and Billy Johnson earned six wins—including the final race—to take the championship.
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