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SVTP Coverage of PRI 2017

Power on Display

Check out the hot parts coming in 2018.

By SID297

The Christmas season brings my favorite show of the year, the annual Performance Racing Industry trade show. For those unfamiliar, PRI is an industry-only show that is not open to the public. Instead of being a ‘car show’, PRI is a Car-Parts-Show. Every year in Decemeber, the best manufacturers in the performance automotive aftermarket industry gather to show off their latest wares.
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Feature: 821-Horsepower 2015 Mustang GT

Tuned Custom

HP Tuners built a 2015 Mustang as a multi-purpose promotional project

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of HP Tuners and Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car

In the automotive aftermarket it is standard practice to build project vehicles to garner attention. These cars often show up at trade shows or on manufacturers midways as eye candy to lure in potential customers. HP Tuners definitely wants to attract potential customers with is latest Mustang project, but the company also wants to prove its wares in a number of competitive environments.
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News: 2011-2014 Auto 5.0 8,000-rpm Tuning

Beyond Boss

Rev your early Coyote automatic past 8,000 rpm thanks to HP Tuners

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of HP Tuners

If you own a first-gen Coyote automatic, you might have been jealous of the high-revving antics of those manual-transmission cars. Well, you can now end that envy thanks to the industrious crew at HP Tuners. They have cracked the code to allow 2011-2014 Mustang GT automatics to rev all the way past 8,000 rpm.
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Video: PRI Show 2015

Show Time

SVTP brings you the Ford performance news from the PRI Show floor

By Steve Turner

Late last year, your friends at SVTP prowled the aisles at the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis, Indiana, seeking the hottest new Ford performance products that will make your wish list for the coming racing season. Yes, the PRI Show is the place where racers and manufacturers come together to share the fruits of their labors and plan for their upcoming campaigns.
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Tech: 2015+ Mustang nGauge Tuning

Natural Selection

VMP Tuning wakes up a stock Mustang GT with a performance calibration

By Steve Turner

You might not have heard about it yet, but VMP Tuning added another new Mustang to its stable of project cars. This GT is destined for life as an all-out race car, but before things headed in that direction, main man Justin Starkey wanted to get work his tuning magic on the stock car to see what kind of gains were available on the stock platform.
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