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New Product: Shelby GT350R Rear Seat Kit

Have a Seat

Ford Performance offers a new kit that puts a rear seat in your GT350R

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Performance

When it comes to dream cars, the Ford Performance Shelby GT350R is the real deal. It was recently anointed Performance Car of the Year by one of the old-guard buff books, and it definitely deserves the accolades. If you’ve dreamed of owning one of these cars, you have no doubt spent some time dreaming about how you would configure your R-model.
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Event: SEMA 2015 Day 2 Highlights

Scenes from SEMA

As the week rolls on, we uncover more Ford products at The SEMA Show

By Steve Turner
Photos by Stacy Stangz

While most of the announcements and excitement of The SEMA Show takes place on opening day, the show is massive. There is so much to see that it takes multiple days to traverse the aisles and uncover some of the show’s hidden gems. Naturally, SVTP kept marching on to find some more great Ford gear in Sin City.
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Video: 2015 Mustang Interior Design

Chapter Two

Ford released its second behind-the-scenes 2015 Mustang video

By Steve Turner

Now that the 2015 Mustang is galloping across the streets of America, Ford is comfortable sharing the stories of the iconic car’s development. Last week, the company released Chapter 1, which gave us a look inside the car’s exterior design. This week, the Blue Oval is sharing a look inside the new Mustang’s best facet—its interior design. Continue reading

Tech: New Edge Roll Bar Install

Bar Exam

Installing Maximum Motorsports’ drag-race roll bar in a 10-second Cobra

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Jeff Smith and Jon Pavia Racing

Today’s modern Mustangs are capable of great performance in stock form, but when you mod them, those elapsed times start dropping in a hurry. If you are doing it right, your car might soon be running quick enough to require more safety equipment. If you want to be safe (and get to make more than one pass at the track) you’ll need to upgrade.
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Video: 2015 Mustang Design & Engineering

Passion Play

Dramatic video series reveals a behind-the-scenes look at S550 development

By Steve Turner

After running across a new series of 2015 Mustang videos over on Vimeo, your author was swept back to that emotional moment when I first met the 2015 Mustang in person. Sure, at that time, I was only looking at a life-size model, but it was nearly love at first sight. While I was supposed to act as an objective member of the press, I couldn’t help being swept back to my roots as a Mustang fanboy. After watching these clips, I’ll bet you feel a little fanboy flutter yourself.
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