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Video: JLT Performance Steps Up Content Creation

Moving Pictures

JLT featurettes show off products.

By SID297

When you have a great product you want the world to know about it, and JLT has a lot of great products.  JLT Performance is a long time SVTP vendor and has really become the go-to choice for Cold Air Intakes among a large swath of the Ford Performance community.  Much of their success can be traced back to their superb products and excellent customer service.
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News: JLT 2015 Mustang Cold Air Intake

First Place

When you get your new Mustang, JLT Performance has its S550 cold-air intake ready

By Steve Turner

Photos by Stacy Stangz and courtesy of JLT Performance

My how our expectations have changed. Back in the Fox era, we had to wait for years before products were developed for our cars. These days, prospective Mustang owners are already planning their mods before they order their cars. That’s how important the aftermarket is to new Mustang sales. We want cars we can mod.

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