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News: Coyote Makeover Charity Raffle

Power Assist

Juggernaut Power is raffling off a Coyote Mustang upgrade package

By Steve Turner

Plain and simple, cancer is evil. It seems that no matter how large or small your circle is that you know someone affected by this disease. When it struck Howard Budd, the parts manager at Bowen’s Garage/Juggernaut Power, the company wanted to do something to help out Howard, his wife and three children. Continue reading

New Product: nGauge For 1996+ Fords

Starting Line

Juggernaut Power offers the nGauge tuner gauge for early OBD-II Fords

By Steve Turner

If you own an older Ford, but one that was born with an OBD-II port, you might be a little jealous of all the S197 and newer Mustangs making use of the spiffy nGauge tuner gauge. Not only does this gauge read and display the data from the PCM like, well, a gauge, but it also offers the ability to store and flash calibrations to the PCM. Now, thanks to Juggernaut Power, owners of earlier Fords can take advantage of the nGauge’s capabilities.
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News: Juggernaut Power Mustang Pricing

The Price of Power

Juggernaut Power reveals the pricing of its S550 super ’Stangs

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Through My Lenz Photography/Juggernaut Power

If you have been following the story of Juggernaut Power and the company’s ambitious Track Vehicle Group since we broke the news of its mega-power tuner Mustang program, you know that the company’s president, Rey Rivera, has a passion for the Ford Mustang. While serving in the military, he dreamed of putting that passion into action by developing his own performance retailer—Juggernaut Power.
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News: Juggernaut Power Mustangs

Power Play

Juggernaut Power unveils its full line of 2015+ Mustangs at The SEMA Show

By Steve Turner
Photos by Stacy Stangz and courtesy of Juggernaut Power/Through My Lenz Photography

This week in Las Vegas, Nevada, the team at Juggernaut Power unveiled its full line of customized Mustangs. Ranging from a tuned-up EcoBoost Mustang to turbocharged V-8, these Mustangs are the realization of a dream for the company’s founder, Rey Rivera. And, soon, if you are interested, these dream rides can appear in your driveway with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.
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News: Juggernaut SEMA Preview

Go West

Juggernaut Power heads to Vegas with a quartet of powerful S550 projects

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Juggernaut Power

When it comes to seeing and being seen in the world of the automotive aftermarket, The SEMA Show is the place to be. Held annually in early November in Las Vegas, Nevada, this mammoth gathering brings together everybody that is anybody in the automotive aftermarket. If you are looking to get the word out on your brand, a trip to Sin City is certainly in order, and that’s just what Juggernaut Power has in mind. The company will show off four of its custom Mustangs at this year’s show!
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