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VMP’s 2018 Coyote Walkthrough

Total Control

2 Injectors – 1 Cylinder.

By SID297

The crew over at VMP Performance have, not surprisingly, been digging deep into planning their modification strategy for the 2018 5.0 Coyote V8 Powered Mustang GT.  It’s no secret at this point that the 5.0 is due for some major updates, and those changes will bring with them a new set of challenges.  To say that VMP is eager to get their hands dirty is an understatement.

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News: 2011-2014 Auto 5.0 8,000-rpm Tuning

Beyond Boss

Rev your early Coyote automatic past 8,000 rpm thanks to HP Tuners

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of HP Tuners

If you own a first-gen Coyote automatic, you might have been jealous of the high-revving antics of those manual-transmission cars. Well, you can now end that envy thanks to the industrious crew at HP Tuners. They have cracked the code to allow 2011-2014 Mustang GT automatics to rev all the way past 8,000 rpm.
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Feature: VMP SuperRaptor

Torque Converted

VMP Tuning takes the SVT Raptor to another level with TVS boost

By Steve Turner

Who could have seen the Raptor mania coming? After the untimely death of the SVT Lightning, Ford SVT followed up a sport truck with one sporting a decidedly different personality. A street-going cousin of Ford’s Rough Rider off-road racers, the SVT Raptor has become a bona fide hit far beyond the desert Southwest.
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Caption Contest

He Loves The Boost

Make us laugh and you just might score an SVTP sticker

By Steve Turner

If you have read our recent stories documenting VMP Tuning’s new supercharger, you know that Justin Starkey has good reason to love the new Gen2 TVS! While we were on hand covering the installation and testing of this blower on Tom Crabtree’s 2014 Shelby GT500, we captured Justin carrying the new blower with the care of a father holding a newborn.

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Tech: VMP Gen2 TVS Supercharger

Edge of Tomorrow

VMP’s second-generation supercharger maximizes 2.3-liter TVS technology

By Steve Turner

Photos courtesy of VMP Superchargers

Since the dawn of the Terminator in 2003, the positive-displacement supercharger has become a mainstay in the lexicon of Ford performance. As the first factory supercharged Mustang, the ’03 Cobra entered the world with an Eaton M112 supercharger, a traditional Roots supercharger that, obviously, displaces 112 cubic inches of air. This configuration ushered in an era of easy supercharger swaps with more efficient blowers easily supplanting the stock unit. Continue reading