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SVTP EcoBoost Mustang For Sale

Code Orange

Go Home Show for Project Samhain

By SID297

You guys know how this goes, these SVTP project cars very rarely get to be permanent parts of the collection. So now has come the time for Project Samhain, our 2015 EcoBoost Mustang, to find a new home. We have covered the modification of this car from day-one here on SVTP with even more to come in the future. This car has the Performance Pack, Recaros, navigation, Shaker sound system, BLIS, reverse sensors, manual transmission, etc.

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Video: Kooks Shelby GT350 Exhaust

Full Volume

Kooks releases video of its Shelby GT350 exhaust system testing

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Kooks Headers & Exhaust

Regular readers know that we shared the early returns from Kooks Headers and Exhaust’s full exhaust upgrade on Hi-Po Joe Charles’ 2016 Shelby GT350, known as Yellanor. With the simple addition of the company’s full exhaust system and no tuning changes, the Voodoo 5.2-liter engine picked up 24.3 horsepower and 19.82 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels. Now the company has released its official video of on the GT350 exhaust, which lets you hear how the system sounds.
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News: Kooks Shelby GT350 Exhaust Dyno

Breathe Deep

Kooks unlocks the potential of the Voodoo 5.2-liter engine with full exhaust

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Joe Charles

There is little doubt that the 5.2-liter Voodoo engine in the latest Shelby GT350 exhales with the best exhaust sound of any factory Mustang. This is especially true of the resonator-free R-model with its exhaust valves in the open position. Yet with all the airflow scurrying through the engine at 8,250 rpm, we had to wonder if long-tube headers and a freer-flowing exhaust would unleash even more power from this flat-plane-crank V-8.
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Event: PRI Show 2015

Finish Line

SVTP combs the aisles of the PRI Show uncovering the hottest Ford parts

By Steve Turner

Each year the racing world travels to Indianapolis, Indiana, for the Performance Racing Industry trade show, which is SEMA’s event for the racing world. Not only does this event serve as the locale for various award programs from the likes of the NMRA and NMCA, but it is also the place for manufacturers and retailers to show their wares to racers.
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Event: SEMA 2015 Day 1 Highlights

First Impressions

The Cobra Jet stole the headlines, but Ford gear filled the show’s first day

By Steve Turner
Photos by Stacy Stangz

As the 2015 edition of The SEMA Show opened, almost every announcement paled in comparison to Ford Performance’s reveal of the 2016 Cobra Jet drag car. While the wheel-standing S550 cast a big shadow, there was plenty of other Ford hardware on display at the show. Naturally, SVTP was on hand to bring you the news on all the latest Ford performance gear.
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