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Tech: 2016 Focus RS Spring Install

Like it’s Hot

Lethal Performance drops its hot hatch with Eibach’s Pro-Kit springs

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Lethal Performance

Ford Performance engineers sharpen all aspects a vehicle to make it perform better than its base counterparts. For enthusiasts, this higher level of performance is just a better jumping off point. That is definitely the case with Lethal Performance, which is known to jump headfirst into modding a new project, whether it is a Focus ST or a Shelby GT350.
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New Products: 2015+ Mustang Suspension

More Better

BMR Suspension keeps cranking out new gear for the latest Mustangs

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of BMR Suspension

Since we previewed BMR Suspension’s development process for the 2015-and-newer Ford Mustang suspension gear back in April of 2015, the company has worked tirelessly to develop a complete series of upgrades for the latest Mustang. Of late BMR has cranked out a new group of gear, including a front camber-adjustment bolts, a pair of lowering spring offerings, and billet vertical links for the S550 Independent Rear Suspension.
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Tech: 2015 Mustang Lowering Springs

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Bringing Lethal Performance’s new GT down to earth with Eibach’s springs

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Lethal Performance

Since the dawn of the modern Mustang age, it seems that Ford just never sets the ride height low enough to suit the tastes of enthusiasts. That may change with the forthcoming Shelby GT350, but for now, even the Performance Pack-equipped 2015 Mustang GT rides a bit too far above the pavement for most of us.
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News: 2015 Mustang Ford Racing Parts

First & Fast

Want Ford Racing Performance Parts for your 2015 Mustang? Here’s what’s coming soon…

By Steve Turner

With the media getting its first drives this week, the excitement and information about the highly anticipated 2015 Mustang is reaching a crescendo. As excited as we are to get behind the wheel of the stock S550, anyone reading here knows that Ford is just giving us a great foundation for mods. Fortunately, the Blue Oval’s own Ford Racing division has been hard at work developing a host of upgrades for the new ’Stang.
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