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Tech: Livernois/Magnuson TVS Supercharger Install

Well Played

Livernois supercharger package runs strong.

By SID297

Chances are if you’re reading SVTPerformance.com you’re probably not driving around in a completely stock Mustang.  The Ford Performance community is greatly driven by our love to modify and personalize our vehicles to suit our own tastes and styles.  And if there’s a secret list of the most desired mods hidden somewhere on SVTP I’ll bet that a supercharger is very near the tippy-top.  That’s where our friends at Livernois Motorsports comes in with their new Windstorm TVS Supercharger kit for the 2015+ S550 Mustangs come into play.

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SVTP Selling its Boosted V8 Explorer Sport

Exploring Boost

One of the most unique daily drivers out there is now up for sale.

By SID297

It pains me to post this, but I stated earlier this week; all good things must come to an end. My faithful DD has served me well for over 20,000 fun-filled miles. And I say fun because the last 10,000 or so miles have been boosted. I added a 1.9L Magnuson TVS Supercharger kit. This was a custom install based on Magnuson’s 3V Mustang kit, and intake components from JLT. We had to modify several components, use parts from other kits, and fabricate several brackets to complete the install. After all was said and done the 4.6L 3V V8 laid down 400HP and 400TQ to all four wheels with a custom SCT 93 octane tune from VMP Performance.

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News: 1,000HP Classic Mustang

Savage Animal

Timeless Kustoms is building an insane Fastback for the SEMA Show

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Timeless Kustoms

Each year the entire automotive aftermarket convenes in Las Vegas, Nevada, for The SEMA Show. As you know, this show not only brings out all the latest products to mod your vehicle, but it is the reason for the creation of a swarm of project vehicles. These rides are meant as eye candy to draw attention to the companies that have them on display. Continue reading