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Tech: 5.3-liter Modular Short-Block

Big Package

Inside Ford Performance’s rugged, big-bore modular crate engine

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Performance Parts

Recently we shared Ford Performance Parts’ announcement that the OE hot rodding division is now offering a 5.3-liter modular short-block (PN M-6009-B53; $6,800). This part attracted a lot of attention from those looking for project-car propulsion or an engine refresh for a high-mileage modular. Since it resonated so, we decided to learn a bit more about this engine.
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News: 2016 ModNationals Drag Race & Show

The Gathering

Mod Motor Mustangs presents a drag race dedicated to modular machines

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Mod Motor Mustangs

It’s hard to believe that there was a time when Ford’s modular engines didn’t get a lot of respect. When the Two-Valve 4.6-liter engine took over in the Mustang GT in 1996, enthusiasts weren’t thrilled and most gravitated toward the Four-Valve 4.6-liter in the SVT Cobra. Jump to the present day and the modular family of engines blossomed with many potent performers, including the modern Coyote.
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New Product: Big-Bore Modular Short-Block

The Big Boss

Replace your worn-out 4.6 with a robust, 5.3-liter modular short-block

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Performance

If you own a 1996+ Mustang or other modular-powered Ford, you might be ready for a fresh engine. Or, perhaps, you just want to crank up the performance with more displacement and stouter internals? Well, if you need a rugged, big-bore short-block to refresh your project car, Ford Performance Parts has one ready to bolt in—the B53 Modular Stroker Short-Block (PN M-6009-B53; $6,800).
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Video: Street/Strip 1999 Mustang GT Build

Green Party

LMR builds up a Two-Valve New Edge for street/strip duty

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Late Model Restoration

If you’ve been on the Mustang scene for a while, you know that Late Model Restoration got its start offering restoration parts and upgrades for Fox Mustangs. Over the years, the company has expanded all the way up to the most current Mustangs and everything thing in between.
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