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News: Tuned 2016 Focus RS

Turning up the Heat

ID Motorsports tests SCT tuning and a Mountune CAI on Ford’s hot hatch

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of ID Motorsports

We are still waiting to steal some seat time in Ford’s 350-horsepower, all-wheel-drive Focus, but lucky owners are already out there enjoying them. Of course that means that industrious aftermarket types are already busy modifying them. Case in point is ID Motorsports, which recently acquired a new Focus RS project and jumped right into modding it.
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Road Trip: Ford Performance Focus ST

Final Exam

Blasting around in a hopped-up Focus ST to close a chapter in rock history

By Steve Turner

With it gorgeous weather and varied topography, it’s clear why California is so heavily populated. Once you get away from the cities and into the twisty roads in the hills, you know why it is often the scene of new-car drives hosted by manufacturers. The state also has a storied musical history that spawned some of your author’s favorite bands. When one of those bands scheduled its final performance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve 2015 it meant one thing… that a trip was in order.
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Event: PRI Show 2015

Finish Line

SVTP combs the aisles of the PRI Show uncovering the hottest Ford parts

By Steve Turner

Each year the racing world travels to Indianapolis, Indiana, for the Performance Racing Industry trade show, which is SEMA’s event for the racing world. Not only does this event serve as the locale for various award programs from the likes of the NMRA and NMCA, but it is also the place for manufacturers and retailers to show their wares to racers.
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News: 275HP Focus ST Upgrade

Power Packed

Ford Performance ramps up Focus ST performance with mountune gear

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Performance

If you have driven a Focus ST, you know these cars a blast. Packing 252 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque right off the dealer lot, these hot hatches make the most of EcoBoost performance. For enthusiasts, that’s just a starting point, and if you are looking for a comprehensive upgrade package for your ST, Ford Performance Racing Parts is touting just such a combo.
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News: Focus ST 2.3-liter Engine Swap

Bigger & Better

Ford Performance Racing Parts swaps a 2.3-liter EcoBoost into a Focus ST

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Performance Racing Parts

From the moment Ford equipped the Mustang with the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine and the Focus RS was slated to receive an even more powerful 2.3, Focus ST owners were jealous. Maybe you won’t admit it, but as a proud Focus ST driver, your author was definitely a bit green with envy. While the EcoBoost platform has turned adage that there’s no replacement for displacement on its ear, there’s still something to that extra grunt available from a bigger engine—even if it’s only .3 liters bigger.
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