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Event: Mustang Week 2016, Day 6

Big Finish

Closing out the event with a massive cruise-in at the Myrtle Beach Mall

By Steve Turner

For a week that most of us look forward to all year, Mustang Week definitely goes by in the blink of an eye. By the time Saturday’s Cruise-In at Myrtle Beach Mall, many people are getting one last fix of that Grand Strand life and saying goodbye to friends before the official end of the event at the car show awards in the afternoon.
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Event: Mustang Week 2016, Day 5

Hot in the Shade

The event of the week arrived as the car show packed Myrtle Beach Mall

By Steve Turner

If there’s a downside to Mustang Week, it’s the searing July temperatures, but the only thing that burned hotter than the sun on Friday was the passion for Ford’s pony car at the annual Mustang Week car show sponsored by the enthusiasts at Late Model Restoration.
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Event: Mustang Week 2016, Day 3

Smokin’ Hot

The autocross, burnout contest, and speedway fun runs drew big crowds

By Steve Turner

While the massive Meet ’N Greet kicked off the official events in style, Mustang Week really hit its stride yesterday at Myrtle Beach Speedway. Attendees and vendors filled the circle track to take advantage of some fast driving in a safe and legal environment capped off by some copious displays of tire smoke during the SVTPerformance burnout contest. Continue reading

Event: Mustang Week 2016, Day 2

Change of Scenery

The Meet ’N Greet kicked things off with a massive turnout at a new spot

By Steve Turner

Friday’s car show might be the event of the week, but we have to confess that we look forward to the Meet ’N Greet cruise-in with the same type of anticipation. This official kick-off gives attendees a feel for the scope and excitement that the week hold for them and it has grown in size every year. So much so that the Mustang Week team finally had to relocate it to a larger facility—the Myrtle Beach Convention Center—this year.
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News: SVTP at Mustang Week 2016

Super Schedule

Supercharge your Mustang Week by attending SVTP’s fun-filled events

By Steve Turner

If you are heading to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for the 15th edition of Mustang Week, you are in for a great time. Those that have attended in the past know that the town fills with Mustangs from all eras and the industry camps out in the heat to meet with all the passionate Mustang fans.
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