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New Product: EcoBoost Fuel Injectors

Higher Flow

DeatschWerks offers high-flow fuel injectors for Ford EcoBoost engines

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of DeatschWerks

Regular readers know that DeatschWerks provided the 95-lb/hr injectors for Ford Performance’s latest Cobra Jet Mustang drag racer. However, those squirters aren’t the only new Ford offering from the company. Knowing that performance enthusiasts are squeezing a lot more power out of EcoBoost engines, DeatschWerks developed high-flow fuel injectors for 2.0-, 2.3- and 3.5-liter EcoBoost engines.
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News: Shelby GT350 Performance Parts

Bettering the Best

Ford Performance Parts is developing a host of Shelby GT350 upgrades

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Ford Performance

Hopefully you enjoyed our in-depth look at the work that Ford Performance engineers put into developing the Shelby GT350’s efficient intake manifold. Via the use of computer-aided engineering, they were able to create a scroll-style intake that supports 526 horsepower in the GT350, fits under the stock hood, and makes for a great bolt-on upgrade for the Voodoo 5.2 engine’s 5.0-liter Coyote cousins.
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New Product: 2015+ Mustang Sport Seats

Game Changers

TMI Products offers a Sport seating upgrade option for S550 GTs

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of TMI Products

If you didn’t have the loot to step up to the optional racing buckets in your new Mustang or you just wanted to have the added creature comforts of heated and cooled seats, there is another seating option. The interior experts at TMI Products recently unveiled the Sport R High-Back Seat Upholstery and Foam Kit for the 2015+ Mustang GT seats.
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New Product: 2015+ Mustang Clutches

In a Clutch

Centerforce offers three new high-performance clutch options for S550s

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Centerforce

The beauty of the original pony car is that it has always embodied the nature of automotive enthusiasm. People not only love the car and what it symbolizes, but they love to customize the car and make it their own. For those of us with a particular lust of speed, that customization most often means more power.
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Video: PRI Show 2015

Show Time

SVTP brings you the Ford performance news from the PRI Show floor

By Steve Turner

Late last year, your friends at SVTP prowled the aisles at the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis, Indiana, seeking the hottest new Ford performance products that will make your wish list for the coming racing season. Yes, the PRI Show is the place where racers and manufacturers come together to share the fruits of their labors and plan for their upcoming campaigns.
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