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Nitrous Powered Coyote build

Fresh Squeezed

Lots of N2O makes up for high altitude.

By SID297

When it comes down to it, basically everything we do to make more power with our engines involves cramming as many oxygen molecules possible in to their cylinders.  However, when dealing with the thinner air found at high-altitudes that job becomes a bit tougher.  Superchargers and turbos make a huge difference, but dollar-for-dollar nothing is more effective at introduce a cool/dense oxygen supply than a bottle of nitrous oxide.

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Video: PRI Show 2015

Show Time

SVTP brings you the Ford performance news from the PRI Show floor

By Steve Turner

Late last year, your friends at SVTP prowled the aisles at the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis, Indiana, seeking the hottest new Ford performance products that will make your wish list for the coming racing season. Yes, the PRI Show is the place where racers and manufacturers come together to share the fruits of their labors and plan for their upcoming campaigns.
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