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Event: Lethal Shelby GT350 Track Day

Thrill Ride

Lethal Performance shares its GT350 with friends on the PBIR road course

By Steve Turner

No matter what your job might be, you likely look forward to a little extra something at the end of the year. Maybe it’s the company holiday party or, better yet, a nice bonus. If you work at Lethal Performance, one of the perks is the bosses rent out Palm Beach International Raceway and throw you the keys to the company’s record-setting Shelby GT350 project car.
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Tech: First 10-Second Shelby GT350

Shots Fired

Lethal Performance’s GT350 breaks into 10-second zone with nitrous

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Lethal Performance

When we last left the Lethal Performance Shelby GT350, the car rocked the rollers on the Dynojet at Power by the Hour to the tune of 501 horsepower at the rear-wheels thanks to a few choice bolt-ons, a splash of E85 and a custom tune. Recently the Lethal GT350 gained one more bolt-on before heading to the drag strip—a Nitrous Express nitrous kit!
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News: Nitto Tire NT555 G2

Rush Forward

Nitto Tire unleashes an ultra-high-performance tire for modern muscle cars

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Nitto Tire

The original Nitto Tire NT555 hit the streets in the late ’90s, and soon enough it had become the most popular tire for street-going Mustangs. It remains popular to this day, but it is outside the norm for a tire to remain on the market unchanged for almost 20 years. It was time for a new Ultra High Performance summer tire, and Nitto Tire has developed a worthy successor.
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Video: 10-second 2015 Mustang

Back to the Track

Lethal Performance runs deeper into the 10s with its Whipple-blown S550

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Lethal Performance

When we last touched base with Lethal Performance‘s Whipple-supercharged 2015 Mustang GT, hot-shoe Jeremy Martorella ran a best pass of best pass of 10.53 at 135.81 mph at Palm Beach International Raceway. Over the weekend, Team Lethal was back at PBIR fine-tuning the combo and ran the car deeper into the 10-second zone.
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