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Event: Mustang Week 2016, Day 1

Happy Place

SVTP kicks off the week with a Happy Hour cruise—on the water

By Steve Turner

Mondays aren’t usually something we look forward to, but when it’s the Monday of Mustang Week, that’s a different story. It’s a day of anticipation and preparation. From getting into town to getting your pony prepped for the cruise-in, it’s the way we’d like to start every week.
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News: SVTP at Mustang Week 2016

Super Schedule

Supercharge your Mustang Week by attending SVTP’s fun-filled events

By Steve Turner

If you are heading to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for the 15th edition of Mustang Week, you are in for a great time. Those that have attended in the past know that the town fills with Mustangs from all eras and the industry camps out in the heat to meet with all the passionate Mustang fans.
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News: SVTP Mustang Week 2016 Happy Hour

Get Happy

The 4th Annual SVTPerformance Welcome to Mustang Week Happy Hour

By SID297
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Little River Fishing Fleet

For the fourth year, SVTP will be hosting a Welcome to Mustang Week at Myrtle Beach Happy Hour. Over the past few years we’ve met at a couple different locations around the Myrtle Beach area, but this year we decided to change things up a bit. For 2016 we’re planning a cruise on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. We have chartered a boat from Little River Fishing Fleet and will be sailing out of its home port in Little River, South Carolina.
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