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Build: White 2016 Mustang GT Mods

Clean Sweep

Stock sucks, but we can fix that.

By SID297

Not many people know this, but my favorite Ford color is Oxford White (or as I like to call it “Work Truck White”).  If I were going to buy a new Mustang, or Raptor, or Focus RS (ad nauseam) it would certainly be white.  Judging by his 2016 Oxford White Mustang GT, it would appear that SVTPerformance.com Member WomenBeShoppin (Ryan) may have the same sentiment.

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Feature: 821-Horsepower 2015 Mustang GT

Tuned Custom

HP Tuners built a 2015 Mustang as a multi-purpose promotional project

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of HP Tuners and Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car

In the automotive aftermarket it is standard practice to build project vehicles to garner attention. These cars often show up at trade shows or on manufacturers midways as eye candy to lure in potential customers. HP Tuners definitely wants to attract potential customers with is latest Mustang project, but the company also wants to prove its wares in a number of competitive environments.
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Feature: Dealer-ProCharged Mustangs

Purveyors of Power

Sarasota Ford offers centrifugally supercharged S550s with warranties

By Steve Turner

Open the hood and there is the familiar whir of ProCharger gear drive under the hood of a 5.0-liter Mustang. Close the hood and there is but a hint of the sound. When cruising around, you might not know it was there until you jab your right foot to the floorboard and the rpm soars. There the high-winding boost and the free-revving Coyote join in a symphony of horsepower.
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Feature: First ProCharged Shelby GT350

Bagged & Blown

Jeff Scofield defies convention with his iconoclastic Shelby project

By Steve Turner

For many, Ford Performance vehicles are justifiably treated with a reverence not granted to everyday cars. These vehicles certainly earn that respect with performance, but for many their rarity and high-performance nature make them sacred to the point they believe these cars should remain just as they rolled off the assembly line. If you are reading this, it’s unlikely you agree with that sentiment. Continue reading

News: 2015+ Shelby GT350 ProCharger

Strong Magic

ProCharger readies supercharger systems for the Voodoo 5.2-liter

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company and ProCharger

For most people, 526 naturally aspirated horsepower from a 5.2-liter engine that revs past 8,000 rpm would be plenty. If you are reading this sentence, you probably aren’t most people. Those of us afflicted with a speed lust simply take the factory horsepower rating as a jumping-off point, which is what ProCharger is about to do with its new GT350 supercharger systems.
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