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SVTP EcoBoost Mustang For Sale

Code Orange

Go Home Show for Project Samhain

By SID297

You guys know how this goes, these SVTP project cars very rarely get to be permanent parts of the collection. So now has come the time for Project Samhain, our 2015 EcoBoost Mustang, to find a new home. We have covered the modification of this car from day-one here on SVTP with even more to come in the future. This car has the Performance Pack, Recaros, navigation, Shaker sound system, BLIS, reverse sensors, manual transmission, etc.

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Feature: SVTP 2015 Mustang GT Intro

Third Base

We picked up Project Triple Threat in Vegas and modded it on the dealer lot

By SID297
Photos by Stacy Stangz

You had to know that we weren’t going to stop with just one 2015 Mustang project car. Just a few months after picking up our 2015 Fiesta ST project car and taking possession of our EcoBoost Mustang we finally got word that our S550 Mustang GT had arrived at the dealership. So once again we hopped a plane to Sin City to pick up some American iron from Gaudin Ford.
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Tech: 2015 Mustang Hood Lifts

Hoods Up

Lethal Performance ditches the prop rod on its S550 with Redline Tuning’s QuickLIFT Plus

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Lethal Performance

If you haven’t been following the 2015 Mustang closely, you might not realize that this all-new Mustang is born with one really old-school feature. Sure it has independent rear suspension and a host of high-tech options. However, when you pop the hood, you still have to lift it up yourself and hold it in place using a prop rod.
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New Product: 2015 Mustang Hood Lifts

Ready For Liftoff

Yes, your brand-new S550 has a prop rod, but Redline Tuning can fix that

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Redline Tuning

A technological tour de force, the 2015 Mustang is a state-of-the-art Pony car. However, at its heart the Mustang DNA is about keeping things affordable. As such, engineers have to pinch pennies where they can and spend money where it counts. That means some compromises are made. Case it point, the S550 still rocks an old-school hood prop rod.
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2015 Vortech Mustang

The Final Countdown

Rey Rivera’s Project Juggernaut begins its SEMA Show sprint

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Vortech Superchargers

We recently previewed Vortech Superchargers’ 2015 Mustang SEMA project, and thanks to the efforts of Bowen’s Garage Ford in Eastford, Connecticut, the car finally arrived in Oxnard, California, on Tuesday October 21. If you aren’t keep score at home, that date was exactly two weeks before the opening day of The SEMA Show. As you read this the car is undergoing its transformation.
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