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Video: Drag Strip Results – Cobra Jet vs Shelby GT350 Manifold

Track Tested

[email protected] hits to strip to get the data.

By SID297

It’s easy to say that the Cobra Jet Intake Manifold from Ford Performance Racing Parts has been a huge hit in the Mustang Community.  That’s for good reason, it is a massive upgrade over the 2011-2014 Mustang GT manifold.  However, fitment issues (hood interference) have prevented many Coyote-Powered S550 owners from making the switch to the Cobra Jet.  Instead, most have been opting to upgrade to the Shelby GT350 manifold.

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News: Shelby GT350R Replaces Burned GT350

Phoenix Rising

After his Shelby came to a fiery end, Joe Charles upgraded to a GT350R

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Joe Charles

When it comes to the general automotive media, the Mustang is often a necessary evil. It is lauded when it can be leveraged for attention and mocked for the very same reason. When something bad happens—like an unskilled driver wadding up his high-powered Mustang outside a car show—the stories and memes fly. So, when Joe Charles’ new Shelby GT350 caught fire on a road course, it was no surprise that his social media posts went viral.
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News: Ford Performance Global Sales

Youth Movement

Popular with younger customers, Ford Performance vehicles are selling well

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Performance

With all the talk that younger people aren’t as interested in driving, there is some good news from the Blue Oval. Apparently younger drivers with higher income apparently like to splurge on Ford Performance vehicles. Ford is predicting impressive sales numbers for its hopped-up machines in 2016.
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Video: Focus RS vs. Shelby GT350 Drag Race

Close Call

A Livernois-tuned Focus RS hangs with a stock Shelby on the drag strip

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Livernois Motorsports

If you own the top dog Shelby GT350 Mustang, you might immediately dismiss that Focus RS staging next to you at the drag strip. Well, you might want to think twice if your Shelby is stock, because a tuned Focus RS recently held its own against a stock Shelby GT350 at a private track rental in Michigan.
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News: 2016 Shelby GT350 Raffle

Ticket to Ride

Support the Shelby American Collection and you could win a 2016 GT350

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of the Shelby American Collection

The Shelby GT350 is one of the most well regarded modern Mustang in recent memory. From its outstanding handling to its high-revving Voodoo power, the latest Shelby Mustang is definitely lust worthy. However, to own that kind of performance you need the proper funding. If your bank account isn’t quite ready to let you buy one, the Shelby American Collection has an option for you.
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