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News: Mustang Week 2017 Dates

Big Moves

Start planning your 2017 vacation because Mustang Week has new dates

By Steve Turner

Since its inception Mustang Week has been held at the apex of the summer in the July heat, but coming in 2017 there are some big changes on the horizon for one of the premier Mustang events in the country. Not only will it be held later in the year next year, but the main events will also move to a larger facility.

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News: SVTP 2015 Mustang Week Schedule

Back to the Beach

Make the best week of the year—Mustang Week—even better with SVTP

By SID297
Photos courtesy of the venues and by StacyStangz

The Ford event of the summer has arrived—Mustang Week 2015! SVTP has yet again put together several events around the official Mustang Week festivities to help you maximize your automotive vacation fun, so don’t miss out on a chance to hang with SVTP!
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Event: Mustang Week 2014, Day 1

Welcome Home

SVTP greets the Mustang Week early birds with an informal pre-party

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and StacyStangz

Here at SVTP we like to take things up a notch. You know how it is. Fast isn’t fast enough. Powerful isn’t powerful enough. That’s just the way it goes when you are addicted to Ford performance like we are. As such, we couldn’t just let an epic event like Mustang Week go off without a few enhancements.

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