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Feature: Dealer-ProCharged Mustangs

Purveyors of Power

Sarasota Ford offers centrifugally supercharged S550s with warranties

By Steve Turner

Open the hood and there is the familiar whir of ProCharger gear drive under the hood of a 5.0-liter Mustang. Close the hood and there is but a hint of the sound. When cruising around, you might not know it was there until you jab your right foot to the floorboard and the rpm soars. There the high-winding boost and the free-revving Coyote join in a symphony of horsepower.
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News: Hurst/Kenne Bell 2017 Mustang

Gold Standard

Hurst and Kenne Bell join forces on a turnkey, 750-horsepower Mustang

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ken Latka/Television Motion Picture Car Club

Performance West Group is the builder of limited runs of Mustangs and other performance vehicles that wear the Hurst brand. This year, the company is offering Mustangs fitted with a Kenne Bell supercharger that delivers 750 horsepower!
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News: Blown 2016 Mustang Police Car

Speed Hunter

An Alabama police department added a supercharged S550 patrol car

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of the Huntsville Police Department

If you like to put the pedal to the metal on I-565 near Huntsville, Alabama, you might want to think twice now. The city has a new patrol vehicle built to locate and catch speeders on the highway in the city—a supercharged 2016 Mustang GT! Continue reading

News: 2017 Mustang King Edition

Royal Treatment

Petty’s Garage offers 500 King Edition Mustangs, including an 825hp model

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Petty’s Garage

To celebrate Richard Petty’s 80th birthday next year, Petty’s Garage embarks on its third year building custom Mustangs with 500 limited-edition 2017 King Edition Mustangs, including an ultra-limited run of 43 silver vehicles to celebrate his storied racing number.
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Tech: Billet GT500 Belt Tensioner

Tighten Your Belt

Maintain big boost without belt slip thanks to VMP’s billet GT500 tensioner

By Steve Turner

Owners of 2007-2014 Shelby GT500s know how easy it is to build power with these cars. Just add a smaller blower pulley, open up the inlet, add a custom calibration and the gains are huge. As you start to push harder with smaller pulleys, more rpm, and such the factory belt tensioner is put in a bad spot.
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