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Pics: SVT Photo Shoot @ Mt. Fuji & Yokohama, Japan

International Affair

Calling a Terminator an import just doesn’t seen right.

By SID297

Regular visitors to SVTP’s Pics and Videos Buffet are probably familiar SVTP Member u1cobra’s SVT photo shoot threads from Japan.  To say he has a unique work location would be an understatement, but when you add a couple of the most prolific American performance cars in recent history to the mix you end up with something truly special.

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Tech: Shelby GT500 6R80 Auto Trans Swap

Shifty Business

SVTP Member builds the Mustang SVT didn’t.

By SID297

For over 20 years SVT built an impress stable of Mustangs, but the one thing they never did was offer one with an automatic transmission.  While the reason for that tends to be the sports car tradition, it does leave some buyers out in the cold.  Whether it’s a necessity of circumstances (such as an injury) or just a quest for increased drag strip performance, there’s a great many SVT Shelby Mustang GT500 owners who would be thrilled if their 6-Speeds were shifted automatically.

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News: SVTOA Mustang Week 2016 Breakfast

Special Meal

SVT Owners Association presents the 1st Annual Breakfast at the Beach

By SID297
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of the House of Blues

SVTP is bringing back one of our old Mustang Week traditions, but with a twist. We will once again be hosting a breakfast rendezvous. However, this one is only for SVTOA Members. A few weeks back, SVTP completed its merger with the SVT Owners Association, and this will be our first official gathering of SVTOA Members since the change in leadership.
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New Product: Cobra T-Shirts

Snake Shirts

Supercharge your wardrobe with a new Cobra shirt from the SVTP Store

By SID297

The world of Ford performance is filled with iconic imagery. One of the most iconic images is the Cobra. It looks great on the side of a car, but just like horsepower, bigger is better. If you love Cobras, GT500s or just a fan of reptiles you can wear it loud and proud on your chest on this new shirt from the SVTP Store. Continue reading

News: SVTP Takes Over SVTOA

Back on Track

SVTP takes the wheel of the Special Vehicle Team Owners Association

By SID297
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Great news for Ford and SVT enthusiasts! After a yearlong effort, the SVTOA has worked out a way to keep the SVT brand front and center in the Ford enthusiast world—with the same name, logo and mission that thousands of members have come to know and love over the years. With SVTPerformance.com taking ownership control of the SVTOA franchise beginning May 1, 2016, the club is now positioned for growth so that it may become the largest SVT information resource on the planet!
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