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Tech: Bob’s S197 Lower Control Arms

Strong Arms

Stopping the hop in the SVTP GT with a set of lower control arms from Bob’s Auto Sports

By Steve Turner

Photos by SID297 and StacyStangz

Even we are guilty of it. It is easy to get swept away in the excitement. We don’t judge.

Yes, you get a new Mustang project and you run headfirst into the power mods without regard for the other facets of the car.

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Feature: Ford Performance Days

Speed Thrills

Ford showed the media it is committed to the engineering benefits of racing

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

You may recall that I recently had the opportunity to ride along with a Ford engineer in a 2015 Ecoboost Mustang. Believe it or not, that was but a minor aspect of a much larger Ford media event held in and around the racing hotbed that is Concord, North Carolina. Yes, as cool as the first ride in a Mustang was, it was not the most amazing experience I had that day.

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Caption Contest

In the Raw

Make us laugh and you just might score an SVTP sticker

By Steve Turner

Who doesn’t love a good double entendre? Now if you aren’t a photographer, you might not get this dude’s shirt. You see, camera RAW is a digital camera image format that allows more post-shot tweaking than your more traditional formats because it packs a lot of photographic information into a large file size. These files are not ready for use, and must be processed first, so some think of them as the digital equivalent of film negatives.

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Tech: Hellion Twin-Turbo Raptor

Double Trouble

Blow-By Racing and Hellion Power Systems multiply the SVT Raptor’s fun by two turbos

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Steve Gelles/Blow-By Racing and Hellion Power Systems

Ford Special Vehicle Team main man Jamal Hameedi called on his background with the company’s Rough Rider off-road racing trucks to create one of the biggest performance vehicle success stories in recent Blue Oval memory. The SVT Raptor is equally at home cruising across desert terrain at triple-digit speeds as it is cruising the streets. Those attributes have contributed to its success.

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