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Tech: VMP Gen2 TVS Coyote F-150 Install

Picking Up Power

VMP Performance boosts the performance of its truck with a better blower

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of VMP Performance

When we last climbed aboard VMP Performance’s 2016 F-150 project truck it had put down over 566 horsepower and 521 lb-ft of torque to the wheels with a TVS supercharger and a VMP custom calibration (check out that story  here). The full-weight, otherwise-stock truck charged out of the gate with 12.06-second e.t.’s at over 113 mph and eventually dipped into the 11-second zone. Continue reading

News: Ford F-150 at SEMA 2016

Desert Haulers

Ford is set to show off a quartet of hopped-up pickups at The SEMA Show

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Get ready for the excitement to start building. I less than a month automotive aftermarket will converge on Las Vegas to show off its wares for the coming year. The display vehicles built to show off these products are a major part of The SEMA Show experience. Over the years, the original equipment manufacturers became involved as a way to showcase their vehicles as a basis for these modifications and Ford is a major part of this.
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New Product: 2.7-liter EcoBoost Tuner

Pickup Tune

Livernois expands its MyCalibrator line to tune Ford’s 2.7 truck

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Livernois Motorsports

Looking for more oomph from your 2.7-liter EcoBoost, well the tuning gurus at Livernois Motorsports have something for you. The company recently expanded its line of MyCalibrator handheld tuners to include the potent little engine option in Ford’s modern trucks.
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News: Custom 2016 F-150 Sweepstakes

Prize Pickup

UTI and Pennzoil are giving away a Neil Tjin-customized Ford truck

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Universal Technical Institute

The F-150 is Ford’s bell cow. It has remained the top-selling pickup for 39 years thanks to its continued improvements. If you are a Blue Oval fan that would love to have a new F-150 but don’t have it in the budget, how would you like to win one?
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News: New F-150 Burns

Fire Truck

A month-old EcoBoost Ford F-150 mysteriously burns to the ground

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Alex Dial

We come across a lot of interesting posts on our forums. Most of them are filled with tales of modifications, dyno numbers and track times. It’s usually a place for celebrating the hard work put into project vehicles. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned and people want to share their struggles too. Such is the case with a friend of Alex Dial, who posted a photo of his new truck that burned to the ground shortly after he purchased it.
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