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Feature: Terminator-Swap 1965 Mustang

Challenge Accepted

Sam Anderson challenged himself to build a 733-horsepower classic

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Sam Anderson

If you have built more than one project car, you always want to push the next one to a higher plane than the last. That was definitely the case for Sam Anderson, who set out to see just what kind of build he was capable of creating. As you can see, he was capable of fusing two iconic Mustangs into one project-car masterpiece.
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News: 2015 Boost Works Mustang

Competition Prep

Boost Works has big plans for its S550, but step one was a set of True Forged Competition wheels

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Vrex Media

Since the moment we laid eyes on the latest Mustang, we’ve been dying to see one with aftermarket wheels on it. Sure, the factory options are pretty fetching, but there’s nothing quite like a set of custom wheels to set your ’Stang apart from the crowd. Fortunately, Travis Burelle of Boost Works in Katy, Texas, had a plan in mind to make it happen in a hurry with True Forged wheels.
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