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News: Tuned 2016 Focus RS

Turning up the Heat

ID Motorsports tests SCT tuning and a Mountune CAI on Ford’s hot hatch

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of ID Motorsports

We are still waiting to steal some seat time in Ford’s 350-horsepower, all-wheel-drive Focus, but lucky owners are already out there enjoying them. Of course that means that industrious aftermarket types are already busy modifying them. Case in point is ID Motorsports, which recently acquired a new Focus RS project and jumped right into modding it.
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Tech: Flex Fuel Shelby GT500

Flexing Muscle

With AED’s Flex Fuel tune you can pump big power into your GT500

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Advanced Engine Development

Many modern cars are Flex Fuel Vehicles. They feature both the fuel system capacity and the electronic support to seamlessly move betwixt gasoline, which usually has a hint of ethanol these days (E10) and a mixture of gasoline and ethanol, most often sold at the pump as E85. However, most of the performance Fords that we enjoy don’t carry the FFV designation. They are designed to run on a much higher ratio of gasoline. However, thanks to some clever folks in the aftermarket, the flexibility to run between the two fuels is available with a Flex Fuel calibration.
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