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Livernois Tuned – CobraBob’s Ford Edge Sport

Family Truckster

When you really have to get the groceries.

By SID297

Once you’ve owned a Terminator you’ll never be the same man again.  No matter what car you get next you’re always going to be longing for the raw-untamed fury that was SVT’s final Cobra (at least for the time being).  So what happens when you have to do the responsible thing and buy a new ride that’s a little more family friendly than a Snake Car?  Well if you’re long-time SVTP Member CobraBob (“Bob Arthur”) you turn to the 2.7L Twin-Turbo Ford Edge Sport.

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Video: 722HP Whipple 2015 Mustang

Healthy Boost

Livernois Motorsports puts down big power with a Whipple-blown S550

By Steve Turner

Of late we’ve been seeing some huge performance numbers from modded 2015 Mustang GTs. Clearly the lessons learned and carried over from the RoadRunner engine program are working out quite nicely on the everyman’s Coyote engine. Cases in point are some new dyno results from a Livernois Motorsports-tuned 2015 Mustang equipped with Whipple Superchargers’ 2.9-liter supercharger system.
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