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SVTP EcoBoost Mustang For Sale

Code Orange

Go Home Show for Project Samhain

By SID297

You guys know how this goes, these SVTP project cars very rarely get to be permanent parts of the collection. So now has come the time for Project Samhain, our 2015 EcoBoost Mustang, to find a new home. We have covered the modification of this car from day-one here on SVTP with even more to come in the future. This car has the Performance Pack, Recaros, navigation, Shaker sound system, BLIS, reverse sensors, manual transmission, etc.

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’97 SVT Cobra Turbo Build

Second Chances

Hurt Motor = Build Oportunity.

By SID297

Most don’t know it, but I have a pretty big soft-spot for SN-95 SVT Cobra Mustangs.  As luck would have it, we seems to be going through a small surge in interest in these cars.  I’ve seen several really nice ones popping up a shows recently, and was honored to award the SVTPerformance.com Editor’s Choice Award at the inaugural Ponies in the Smokies show to Jonathan Catapano’s highly modified Orange 1998 Cobra.  So when I saw that SVTP Member SVT GI (“Jason”) was saving an injured ’97 Cobra I took notice.

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News: First 9-Second EcoBoost Mustang

Nine Lives

Brad Gusler resets the EcoBoost Mustang e.t. record with a historic pass

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of BG Racing and the NMRA

From moment Ford announced it would offer a turbo four-cylinder in the 2015+ Mustang, the engine platform has earned detractors and supporters. One of the most prominent supporters of the gas turbo direct injection 2.3-liter engine in the S550 is Brad Gusler of BG Racing. He immediately put together an EcoBoost Mustang racer and hurled the platform into the record books with a series of ever-quicker 10-second runs.
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Road Trip: 2016 EcoBoost Mustang

Boost Cruise

Taking a turbocharged trip to sunny South Florida in an EcoBoost ’Stang

By Steve Turner

We spend most of our waking hours contemplating, analyzing, documenting and reporting on ways to make Ford performance vehicles perform even better. Because we are so focused on the road ahead, it’s nice to step back and recalibrate our backside dyno with some seat time behind the wheel of the latest stock vehicles.
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News: First Turbo Shelby GT350

Magic Show

Hellion will debut its Voodoo twin-turbo system on Engine Power TV

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Hellion Power Systems

Ford Performance engineered the Shelby GT350’s Voodoo engine for spine-tingling rpm on a road course, but that hasn’t stopped the industrious people in the aftermarket from boosting its performance with power adders. So far we have seen centrifugal supercharging, positive-displacement supercharging and nitrous injection.That isn’t the end of the power-adder 5.2-liter tale, however…

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