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Video: 4.7 Kenne Bell Vs VMP 2.3 Vs 4.0 Whipple

Under Pressure

One supercharger to rule them all.

By SID297

It’s a war that’s been raging for years, the battle of the Mustang blowers.  Kenne Bell and Whipple are the traditional combatants on the positive displacement side, but VMP has certainly been making waves with their 2.3L TVS units.  It just so happens that SVTP Member 302project posted a video of a 4.0 Whipple powered Boss 302 Vs 4.7 Kenne Bell’s GT500 Vs a 2.3 VMP TVS equipped GT500.

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Feature: Supercharged 2015 Mustang

Looks Fast

Cervini’s revamped a new Mustang with its body parts and VMP blower

By Steve Turner

If you have been around the Ford performance scene for as long as we have, you are undoubtedly familiar with Cervini’s Auto Designs. The company was one of the first outfits to build fiberglass hoods for Fox Mustangs. In the ensuing years the company has built hoods and other body enhancements for every Mustang since then. The company’s in-house project caught our eye at Mustang Week because it not only has subtly enhanced looks, but the performance to back them up.
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Tech: Billet GT500 Belt Tensioner

Tighten Your Belt

Maintain big boost without belt slip thanks to VMP’s billet GT500 tensioner

By Steve Turner

Owners of 2007-2014 Shelby GT500s know how easy it is to build power with these cars. Just add a smaller blower pulley, open up the inlet, add a custom calibration and the gains are huge. As you start to push harder with smaller pulleys, more rpm, and such the factory belt tensioner is put in a bad spot.
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Tech: Shelby GT500 Clutch Upgrade

Heavy Duty

Installing McLeod’s RXT1200 clutch in an 800-plus-horsepower GT500

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of VMP Performance

The Shelby GT500 presents a daunting challenge for a clutch. These are heavy cars that produce tons of torque. When you bolt on a set of sticky tires, raise the rpm to the moon and dump the clutch as many owners are wont to do, and the clutch is stuck between the rock we live on and a really torquey hard place.
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Tech: Terminator TVS Supercharger Dyno

Terminator Evolution

Bolting on big 2003 Cobra power with a VMP TVS supercharger

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Sean Ross

With all the hype about the performance put down by modern Mustangs with Coyote—and cousins the RoadRunner and Voodoo—powerplants, it might be easy to forget just how easy it is to make power on the storied 2003-2004 Mustang Cobras. Carrying the codename Terminator, this factory-supercharged Mustang kicked off the era of easily attainable bolt-on gains. That is still true today as evidenced by the results of SVTP member Sean Ross’ VMP Performance TVS supercharger upgrade.
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