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Lethal Exclusive: Whipple 3.0L Gen 5 2018 Mustang Supercharger Kit

Lethal Pressure

Whipple gets bigger and more efficient.

By Lethal Performance

The new Stranger Things season just dropped this weekend, prompting fans to flood social media with excitement in the form of memes, watch parties and theories. What does that have to do with Whipple & Lethal Performance? Nothing, really… or does it? In the show, an alternate universe exists parallel to the human world called The Upside Down (RIP Barb). Here’s where the tie in comes… ready?? Perhaps the engineers over at Whipple Superchargers used their own Netflix binge as inspiration for their latest & greatest 3.0L Whipple supercharger for the new 2018 Mustang GT because the supercharger is UPSIDE DOWN. Mind blown, right? Just like its entertainment counterpart, this upside down creation houses quite a monster….a 900+ horsepower monster to be exact.
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Feature: SVTP’s Project Triple Threat For Sale

All Good Things

Our journey with Project Triple Threat comes to an end, but yours may just be beginning.

By SID297

Premium ‘Triple Yellow’ Whipple Supercharged 5.0L with just 1,650 miles and over $20k worth of extras! — “Great build with a great price!”

As always happens with these builds, SVTP’s Project Triple Threat has come to an end. With new performance vehicles from Ford on the horizon it’s time for us to make some room in the garage. PTT has always been garage kept and has lived a pampered life. The OEM plastic is still on the carpet. The vinyl wrap has changed a few times. I will post a separate reply with pics as she sits right now.

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Tech: 2016 Cobra Jet Development

Seal of Approval

Ford Performance improved the next-gen CJ by listening to its customers

By Steve Turner
Photos by Stacy Stangz and courtesy of Ford Performance

Often imitated but never duplicated, the Ford Performance Cobra Jet followed through on the promise of modern muscle cars by returning to the drag strip with a turnkey factory race car that honors the original Cobra Jets of the past, but moves the Mustang’s quarter-mile prowess into the future.
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Tech: 2015 Mustang 10-Rib Blower Drive

Get a Grip

Gaining more consistent boost with a Whipple 10-rib belt drive upgrade

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Lethal Performance

We haven’t checked in on Lethal Performance’s 2015 Mustang GT project in a little while, but if you have followed our coverage so far you know the car quickly escalated from bolt-ons to nitrous to a supercharger. It has since run a 10.53 at 135 mph on the quarter mile. Of course, that isn’t the end of the road for this project.
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