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News: 2016 Shelby GT350 Tour

Tour of Duty

A Shelby GT350 travels the country to raise money for wounded veterans

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of the High Five Tour

How cool would it be to take a new on a four-month, cross-country drive? How about doing it in a new Shelby? That would be the trip of a lifetime and this GT350 is making such at trip. It’s not a pleasure trip, however, it’s for a great cause and the patriotic pony will be covered in signatures and messages to deliver a positive message along the way.
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Event: Patriot Day Run

Run to Remember

Auto enthusiasts in South Florida pay tribute to those we lost on 9/11

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Steve Gelles/Blow-By Racing

In the wake of the terrorist attacks that wounded our country and took the lives of so many Americans, we all vowed to never forget that dreadful day. If you were old enough to remember, you surely won’t forget where you were and who you were with the moment you learned of those events. It was a moment that made us all take stock of our lives and appreciate how fortunate we were to still be alive and living in the United States.
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