2013 mustang

  1. Dogma36

    FS: 2011 Mustang GT Premium GT500 Body Kit

    NO PAYMENT PLAN, asking price is $16,800 Feel Free to PM me or Text me (214)-900-6154 Chris I am also willing to leave the car for $15,800 provided I get to keep the headlights and taillights. As much as it pains me to say goodbye to my babe, it’s time to say goodbye to my Premium Package...
  2. cheeser

    Intermittent issues after VMP Stage 1 install - limp mode and P219A code

    Finished install last week without issue. Drove to work and such for three days without issue...about 75 miles. Beyond Supercharger, engine is stock except GT500 mufflers. Drove car about 175 miles to Steamboat Spring and when coming over a 9400ish foot pass, wrench icon popped up and went...
  3. Dreams2Reality

    Piano Black Forgestar CF10s installed (Pics)

    Finally replaced the stock wheels and tires. Forgestar CF10s Rear: 20*11 w/ 305-35-20 Nitto 555R Front: 20*9 w/ 255-35-20 Nitto 555
  4. 1

    factory defect tail lights???

    Has anyone seen this type of thing from ford before? I was thinking about picking them up. But I just think they looked a little strange. (Description from ebay) 2013 2014 MUSTANG LED TAILLIGHT lens rare one of a kind! Mustang collector factory defect all black BOSS SHELBY GT 500 These...
  5. moD

    K&N intake and air/fuel reading on 2013 Shelby

    After installing my K&N intake with no tune I started to take notice of my air/fuel reading at idle my reading is mostly at 14.1 but fluctuates down to around 13.1 and back up. At WOT it goes down to 11z and then shoots up all the way to 20 and back down to steady 14z as I let go of the gas. Is...
  6. S

    Steeda 2013 Mustang GT - CAI & Tune Dyno Results & Pics

    With the 2013 Mustang rated at 8 more horsepower from the factory it baselined slightly higher than other cars we have done. Thanks to the higher baseline numbers the spread from stock to cold air and tune is a little less but still very good and worth the investment. Maybe with exhaust work you...