1. EditorTurner

    Hellion 8.71-Second 2015 Mustang GT

    Great Eights Melissa Urist is running deep in the eights with her Hellion-boosted S550 By Steve Turner If you have been following the progression of Melissa Urist’s 2015 Mustang GT, you know this car has always been at the forefront of 2015 Mustang GT performance. This Hellion Power Systems...
  2. EditorTurner

    930-Horsepower Stock-Motor 2015 Mustang

    Stock Block Shock Anthony Santora built a shockingly powerful S550 with ProCharger boost By Steve Turner Photos by Jake Peters Photography and courtesy of Anthony Santora We know that Ford engineers are focused on creating cars that hit a performance target, handle well, remain quiet and...
  3. EditorTurner

    Steeda Q750 Street Fighter

    On Guard A quick drive proves Steeda’s street-legal super S550 performance is on point By Steve Turner Every so often we get lucky. Being in the right place at the right time can definitely pay dividend. While standing in the shop at Steeda Autosports’ Pompano Beach, Florida, campus, we...
  4. EditorTurner

    Coyote-Swap 1967 Mustang on History’s American Restoration

    Imagine Coyotes Bodie Stroud built a custom ’67 Mustang for the singer of Imagine Dragons By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Bodie Stroud Industries Coyote swaps are all the rage and a classic Mustang is one of the coolest vessels for a modern 5.0-liter swap. Of course if you are a rock...
  5. EditorTurner

    Coyote F-150 Supercharger Install & Test

    Super Sleeper VMP Performance boosts and tunes a new Ford F-150 with great results By Steve Turner Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of VMP Performance During the NMRA season opener in Bradenton, Florida, the event announcers were blown away as VMP Performance’s Brad Marsh piloted the...
  6. EditorTurner

    2015+ Mustang Super 8.8 Gear Swap

    Gearing Down Lethal Performance seeks lower e.t.’s with a Super 8.8 gear swap By Steve Turner Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Ford Performance Parts Back in the old days, one of the first Fox Mustang mods was a gear swap. Moving to a numerically higher gear ration would help these cars...