1. 5

    Best custom tune for 2012 GT with Auto Trans!

    Hey guys so I’m new to the mustang platform. Just bought the car few months ago. I have done tons of research and for now I plan on just staying NA. I currently have pypes or x pipe & flowmaster outlaws. New plugs & oil as for maintenance. Besides that car is stock. I plan on getting a pmas...
  2. B

    1st Gen Coyote on 2nd Gen Control Pack / PCM

    I've got a bit of a weird situation. My basic question is can a 2nd gen control pack be tuned to properly control 1st gen cam phasers or do I need to be buying phaser deletes? My intention is to build a gen 2 motor as funds allow but what I have currently is a gen 1 f150 engine with s197 cams...
  3. B

    VMP vs Lund vs AED vs ID Motorsports

    Hello all, I have been on the upgrade path with my 2016 Roush supercharged F150, and part of that was looking for a competent tuner to support a pulley swap and a few other odds and ends. This is a brief review of the above listed tuners. Cliff notes version: VMP wasted my time, Lund/AED...
  4. WONSLOW302

    2015 5.0 Cobra jet manifold with Gt500 twin 60MM throttle body

    Anyone have any opinions / insight on pairing a cobra jet to the gt500 twin 60MM tb ? Can't find anything. Curious on power numbers with the 60MM. Also curious about the hp difference between the 60MM and the 65MM. My parts are on the way and I'll be trying it out seen just would like some input...
  5. H

    is there any way to check the octane rating of gas?

    I have a 2014 gt with about 6k miles on it. Im running an aed tune, o/r x, 1 piece drive shaft, airaid cai, and drs. I contacted shaun about getting a tune for nitrous. He told me based on my previous logs i would be pushing it with a 50 shot due to fuel quility. He said he would not do a tune...
  6. L

    AED Supertime Pump Tune Craziness

    After a few weeks of bumbling around I finally got the time to take my car to AED in Sacramento to undergo my Paxton tuning session. Not to be without drama, I've had quite a few things go wrong along this build, included but not limited to: spraying r134a everywhere busting the a/c suction...
  7. Bad500Chris

    Stock blower GT500/E85:

    Big thanks to shaun@AED. The car feels awesome. I made 627/621 rw on E85. Mods are: 2.59 pulley 123mm Ford racing maf 65mm Ford racing TB O/R H pipe ID1000 Injectors 20v BAP Heading to the track on Sunday.