1. Jake@Lethal

    Borla for Bronco NOW AVAILABLE! - Lethal Performance

    Hey, All! Borla’s Exhaust Systems for the 2021 and UP Ford Bronco’s are NOW AVAILABLE here at Lethal Performance! With their various different sound levels, finishes, and setups, there’s a Borla System for everyone! Starting off with their Axle-Backs! Available in both raw Stainless...
  2. skdrw5.0

    WTT 13-14 Corsa Sport Quads for 13-14 Borla ATAK Quad

    Had my Corsa sports for roughly 500 miles. Not a big fan of the sound with an Offroad H pipe and longtubes as well, so I'm looking to try the ATAKs out. The mufflers are currently on the car which is daily driven so the miles will go up on the exhaust. These are the best pictures I have for the...
  3. AnarchyVA

    WTB: Borla Atak MUFFLERS only

    When I bought my 2003 Cobra it had the Borla catback on it except that the previous owner cut out the Borla muffler and had a Magnaflow muffler welded in place. I'm assuming to quiet it down some? Well I want to cut the Magnaflows out and put the Borla Atak muffler back into place where it...
  4. EditorTurner

    Coyote Crate Engine Mufflers

    Isn’t That Crate Borla built its new mufflers to maximize your Coyote 5.0 engine swap By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Borla Performance Industries Crate motors are all the rage when it comes to revitalizing an aging project or powering a ground-up build. It’s easy to understand why because...
  5. M

    2015 mustang v6 atak or stype?

    I'm debating on either the atak or stype. For 2015 mustang v6. I don't want it too loud but I want it to sound exotic but also deep. Anyone have a video I can see to compare? What's the difference of both from sound and horsepower
  6. bigred2013

    WTB: 2013-2014 Borla S-Type Axleback

    Looking to buy 2013-2014 Borla S-Type Axlebacks Hoping to spend around $400-$425 shipped, but lmk what you have! Located in Dickson, TN. Paypal ready.
  7. bigred2013

    JBA Axleback ( '11-'14 GT )

    JBA Axleback Meant for '11-'14 GT with the slip-over style over axles that are included in most catbacks. Will not fit OEM or Lethal/JPC Overaxles with the ball socket style clamp. Perfect condition. Used for maybe 3k-5k miles. Purchased and did not notice until I got home. My loss your gain...
  8. bigred2013

    Flowmaster Outlaw Axleback ( 11-14 GT, 11-12 GT500 )

    Flowmaster Outlaw Axleback No issues. Just don't want them laying around. $250 shipped. Buyer pays fee's/gifts. Located in Dickson, TN. Also willing to trade. Looking for Kooks or Borla S-Type. Willing to add cash if need be! 615-574-168three Can shoot you pics/any videos
  9. bigred2013

    WTB: Borla S-Type Axleback For 13/14 GT

    Looking for 13/14 GT Borla S-Type. Would consider 11/12 but the tips stick out a tad so would rather have the other. Located in Dickson, TN. Have some Flowmaster Outlaws I could throw in on trade as well. Text is easier to reach me 615-574-one683
  10. Bakerfish17

    New Exhaust Delivered Damaged

    So I ordered Borla Ataks from LateModelResto for the Cobra and they arrive today looking like they fell out of the truck and run over! This is what I arrived home to. What a hassle... Anyone else have any problems with this?? Need to get it all sorted out and get a new one installed before the...
  11. kxt

    Magnaflows, Stingers, ATAK - Trifecta Magnaflows Stingers...
  12. bigred2013

    WTT: Borla S-Type Quads & GT500 Valance For Borla S-Type Singles & Boss 302 Valance

    I have a set of Borla S-Type Quad Tip Axlebacks. I also have a mint GT500 Rear Valance ( 13/14 ) Looking to swap for Borla S-Type for a 13/14 GT, plus a Boss 302/Cali Special Rear Valance + CASH!! One tip on my the drivers side ab has a small dent, very small, behind a weld, on one tip. It's...
  13. bigred2013

    WTT: Borla S-Type Quad Tip Axleback For Kooks/Corsa

    I have a set of Borla S-Type Axlebacks for the 13/14 GT500, they ARE quad tip! Love the sound from these, and I've ran them with both an Offroad X and Offroad H. Just wanna change it up! Looking for Corsa Sport Quad Axleback or Kooks Quad Axleback No, I won't throw in any cash. These run...
  14. bigred2013

    WTT: '13/'14 GT500 Borla S-Type Axleback For Corsa Sport Quads

    Looking to trade my '13/'14 Borla S-Type Quads for Corsa Sport Quads, maybe Kooks Quads. Love how these sound, just wanting to change it up! Paid around $850 for these and their in perfect condition! Just need to be cleaned up which I will do. Can get you pictures, just ask for them. Wouldn't...
  15. bigred2013

    WTT: '13/'14 Borla S-Type Quad Axleback

    Love these mufflers, sound amazing with Offroad X/H Only interested in trading them at this time. Looking for Longtubes & Offroad X for '11-'14 5.0L. JBA, Kooks, Stainless Works, Stainless Power. No Pypes or BBK. These new retail right over $1000. I paid right at $850 for them. Willing to...
  16. bigred2013

    Borla S-Type - '11-'14 GT/Boss & '11-'12 GT500 - Powdercoated Black

    Borla S-Type Axleback 4.5" Rolled Edge Tips Sound great, no issues and no damage. Powdercoated Flat Black. They look and sound amazing. I've run them with an Offroad X & Offroad H, can't go wrong! I will upload pics or if you can text me I can get them to you easier! $600 + shipping is...
  17. bigred2013

    FS/FT - Borla S-Type Axleback '11-'14 GT

    Borla S-Type / Stinger Axleback Fit '11-'14 GT They are powdercoated black. Powdercoat, not dip, not spray paint. Ask HeLLFiRe xx. I bought'm from him. Do not have to sell. I love the sound of these, but am tired of a black exhaust tip! Would look awesome on a blacked out car but...
  18. bigred2013

    Borla Atak Axleback - '11-'14 GT

    Borla Atak Axleback Loudest Axleback Borla Offers 4.5" Tips. Currently Running Them On My Offroad H/Lethal OA setup and sounds awesome, LOUD, but awesome! If you know about the S-Types/Atak AB from Borla, they need weep holes drilled. These have been drilled, just a 1/8" hole, affects the sound...
  19. 3

    Borla S-Types 2013-2014 GT500

    For sale is a pair of 2013-2014 GT500 Borla S-Type mufflers. They were purchased directly from Borla and are brand new. I paid $970 for them but am looking for $750. Part number is 11830. I will post pictures tomorrow