billetflow pulley

  1. C

    WTB Redfire Colored Parts

    I am looking to purschase (or trade plus cash) a red 2.76 BilletFlow Pulley and a Redfire painted CAI/RAI. I’ve got a black 2.76 BilletFlow pulley, a red 2.93 BilletFlow Pulley and a brand new 3.5” Whipple Pulley as possible partial trade items. May also consider trading one of my 1:18 scale...
  2. 4

    Kenne Bell Supercharger Pulley Billetflow 2.93

    Used, 2.93 inch Billetflow supercharger pulley for a Kenne Bell Supercharger that uses an 8 rib pulley. $70 shipped with tracking.
  3. 4

    BilletFlow Idler Pulley

    Billetflow Idler Pulley - $75 shipped. Contact with questions. thanks, Craig SOLD
  4. 4

    Billetflow Idler Bracket and Pulley

    Not needed for my project. Item is used, fully functional. Comes with bracket, pulley and bolts. website for reference: $90 shipped. add 3% if using paypal. thanks, Craig
  5. svt'dup

    Metco 4lb lower kit! Billetflow 2.76!

    Metco 4lb lower kit all parts included $280 shipped used 1k miles Billetflow 2.76 pulley SOLD [/IMG]
  6. V

    Supercharger Pulley and Idlers are squeaking, Need ideas on new ones

    Today i was told all 3 of my supercharger pulleys are shot and squeaking, the local shop wanted to charger me $500 to replace them with stock pulleys they had in stock. I said hell no and walked out shaking my head. I need some ideas on 3 new idler pulleys I need. might stay with the 2.93 but...
  7. 6

    Inter cooler tank and pulleys

    I got a lethal inter cooler tank in black in mint condition $200 plus s/h And a set of billet flow idler pulleys 4 piece set its the older snub mount version but in mint condition $200 plus s/h not sure how to post pics but email me and I'll send them [email protected]
  8. Mr. Mysti

    Billetflow 2.93 and 3.10 Pulley(s) Blue in Color - New

    Like the title says, I have two never used Billetflow Non-Slip pulley's for sale. These were destined for a M112 Eaton if that makes a difference. Supercharger Pulleys $40/Shipped/Each - OBO