1. markymark1082

    FS: BNIB - K&N Drop-In Air Filter $40

    SOLD Never been opened. Still in the plastic wrapper. Will fit 10-14 GT and 11-14 V6. Asking $30 shipped. Costs $54.99 new. Link on American Muscle: K&N Mustang Drop-In Replacement Air Filter (10-14 GT, 11-14 V6) 33-2431 [/URL]
  2. 03bananacobra

    Stage 3 crower cams bnib fs cheap

    Im selling my bran new crower stage 3 cams they havent even left the box yet there still labeled in the plastic they cam in with the crower box. Ibpaid over 1200 for them brand new. I have a 75 dollar gift card for lethal performance that ill throw in for who ever buys them cause you will need...