1. T

    FR500 Wheels, Carter Fuel Pump Assembly, CAI, Diff Cover Brace, Radio, BAP

    FR500 wheels. Gloss black with polished lip. 2 17x9, 2 17x10.5. A little curb rash, nothing too serious. Some remaining wheel weights and wheel weight adhesive. Shouldn’t be a problem to remove, but I will leave that to you. Came off 2003 Cobra. American Muscle center caps included from my new...
  2. THark88

    IRS Rebuild Experiences

    So, i'm trying to break up the project over 3 weekends. i'll be removing the IRS and doing all new bushings, front diff brace, diff cover brace ect... i'll be doing it in the garage on jackstands. i'd like to hear what issues you ran into, and what the solution was... figured if i get some...
  3. ModularMadman

    Billetflow IRS brace - $75

    I've been meaning to sell this. It is Redfire red, but the color isn't all that great after being attached to the diff for a few thousand miles. I got a new set of hardware from Billetflow to sell with it. The diff cover bolts are longer than the stock cover bolts so you need these to install it.
  4. C

    Billetflow rear diff. brace

    Billetflow differential brace (red). Includes all hardware. Fits 1999-2004 I.R.S. COBRAs. $120.00 shipped I prefer paypal
  5. J

    WTS Ford Boss 302 Strut Tower Brace (05-14) ***NIB***

    FOR SALE: BRAND NEW IN BOX; Ford Boss 302 Strut Tower Brace, Part# AR3Z-16A200-A Bought but never opened and installed. Price:$115 PM or Post in the thread with any questions, and I will gladly answer them ASAP. PAYPAL preferred Only ship to the 48 continental states. If you pay...
  6. MonsterCookies

    Fs: Billetflow irs brace!

    Im trying to sell mt Billetflow irs brace. bought it for my 03 cobra not knowing it had a LPW diff cover. this thing is brandnew never mounted all hardware included (New bolts and tap) I paid 175 ill take 150obo and i will ship. pay pal ready! i can text pics if you message me your phone...
  7. Paintballaa5

    BilletFlow IRS Brace Install Help (cannot get into position)

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of putting in my irs brace, and I've gotten the front and rear diff mount bolts out. I'm able to move the differential around with a jack under it, but I cannot for the life of me slide the brace into position. I've read through all the threads regarding the install...
  8. 03#1965

    Shock Tower Brace Bar

    SOLD - New Massive Competition model, black, never installed. After positioning in the hatch, more space would be taken up than I expected (I load up large t-shirt boxes from time to time, and this would make it impossible to fit them in). This bar is on Ebay now for $130.77 shipped. My ask is...
  9. Chris Proia

    2013 Mustang GT Strut Tower Brace

    I'm selling the factory Ford strut tower brace from my 2013 because the Ford Racing handling pack I purchased already comes with one. My car has 900 miles on it. I'm asking $125.00 shipped. Thanks, Chris
  10. SmelchoMG

    IRS Brace and some extra stuff

    I have a moto blue IRS brace for a stock cover. I bought it from a guy off here but then decided to go with the Ford Racing cover. I'll sell it 80 bucks shipped. I also have some stock tranny parts. Shifter, input shaft, retainer sleeve. Make offer. Everything is used but everything looks and is...
  11. D

    re seal irs diff cover W/OUT TAKING OUT

    ended up breaking the SEAL on my diff. cover from my trip to the track, luckily it didnt break the cover but anyhow i was dreading ripping apart the whole irs so I figured I try to mcgruber it. I left damn near everything in tact just unbolted the driveshaft and the front mount holding the pig...
  12. S

    FS: New Black Billetflow IRS Brace

    SOLD I have a never used New Black Billetflow IRS Brace for sale: $130 + shipping from 44001 (or local pickup).
  13. brandont70

    Several Parts For Sale...Take a look

    I have two things left for sale. -Stock Intercooler Tank (Like New) - $30 + shipping -Used Kenne Bell 2.6/2.8 Pulley 3.25" - $50 shipped PM me with any questions.
  14. Stangv

    Wanted ASAP! Cobra IRS half shafts

    Wanted ASAP! Cobra IRS half shafts Would like a higher level than stock if possible but stock is fine, also a pair or one is fine. I'm also looking for an IRS brace, viper spec input shat and gt40 pumps. I'm ready to buy! email [email protected] Thx!
  15. D

    K-Member Brace: OEM vs. Aftermarket

    I recently picked up a 99 Cobra vert and I've figured out that the OEM K-Member brace is missing. Question is should I pick up an OEM one or go with an aftermarket one? For aftermarket I'm looking at the Maximum Motorsports 4-point brace. Is this an either-or case or is it possible to install...