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  1. suicidekings

    1986 GT build thread.

    Im back again, I enjoyed doing the others so here I am back to document yet another. After finishing my 85 a couple of years ago I have been enjoying the car, the thing I have enjoyed the most is the time my Dad and I have spent together building it and enjoying it. He absolutely loves...
  2. suicidekings

    98 Cobra dedicated track build thread

    Well guys, several of you have asked for it and here it is... A build thread for my new to me Cobra. Many of you may have read my 3 year build thread for my 85 GT here ==> 85 GT Build. Now that car is done I have quickly come to the conclusion that car is far too nice to track. So I decided...
  3. Hunter98SVT

    98 Cobra Restoration Build Thread

    Hey everybody! I bought this car from a "friend" a year ago. It was sitting behind an old auto shop for about 2 1/2 years before I bought it. My friend had ramped a highway with it and he busted the tranny case in half, and busted the yolk of the driveshaft. Then he moved away and left the...
  4. suicidekings

    1985 GT build thread.

    So this is going to be my first attempt at a "build thread". The beginning state is a 22k original mile two owner car. I bought the car off a family friend back in 1999. Factory 10" brakes, factory struts, BBK lowering springs. New setup is as follows: Brakes and Suspension: North Race Cars...