1. Jdaniel

    FS: Built '99 FRC Corvette

    As much as I don’t want to do this... I have too much going on in my life to continue on with my car. We just had our first born five months ago and I have more to concentrate on now. Family comes first. So here it is. The car is flawless and runs like no other! I have a slew of mods so bare...
  2. blacknite51

    Can i hit my mark? Couple of questions.

    Well i hashed my motor last year and finally gathered enough money to go built, but i have some questions first. My shortblock is obviously gonna be fully built and im going to go with the new trickflow heads and the cams to match it. I was wondering what cc heads i should be getting (38 or 44)...
  3. whitevenum

    F/S: Built 03 cobra 26 spline T-56 transmission

    16k miles on the tranny. I just built it with a 26 spline input shaft.. Its in perfect condition and there's nothing wrong with it. Shifts very smooth. $1700 Contact Alex [email protected]
  4. whitevenum

    F/S: Built 03 Cobra IRS

    The irs has about $6000 in parts and work. Stage 5+ axles, with everything that was rubber is now aluminum and urethane with aluminum cores. All wheel hop is eliminated! And there is nothing else you can do with it , its fully reinforced. Comes with 3.73 gears... shocks and springs are stock...
  5. V

    02 Built and Forged Supercharged A4

    02 Audi A4 3.0 Quattro with every option. 80k miles Steering wheel shifters Front and rear heated seats Sport Package Power folding mirrors Dual power seats Heated mirrors...every option All weather mats OEM S4 front (not installed) $450 18" RPM wheels with 4 brand new tires $1200...