car cover

  1. isrboss

    F.S. OEM 2013 Boss 302 Car Cover

    ###SOLD### Part# DR3Z-19A412-A Asking $250 shipped! These get around $400 new. I used this once indoors for 6 months while I was overseas. Item has been in the original package otherwise. Thanks, Eric
  2. J

    used once - 2010 - 2012 Ford Gt500 Car Cover

    I originally got this cover from Ford when i purchased my 2011 gt500. This Cover will fit 2010-2012 gt500s. This cover is in Excellent condition, the one time i used it was in the garage. It has since been stored in a closet and never used again. Lowered to $225 shipped
  3. mfrazier2

    Quick tip for keeping your car cover secure outside.

    I've been dealing with this problem for months and months, every time i come home from work i would see my car cover blown off of my car and usually down wind under someone else's vehicle. It is very frustrating, especially living in eastern New Mexico where the wind and sand is really bad. I...
  4. 99p1scGT

    FS: 1965 Coupe car cover

    Ordered a car cover for my 99 GT and they shipped me one for a 65 coupe. refunded my money but never asked for the cover back. Shoot me an offer if you're interested