1. M

    04 Cobra Clutch Chirping and Fork Flopping (Video)

    Please let me know your thoughts as to what's happening here. It's a McLeod Street Extreme Ceramic Clutch with McLeod Aluminum Flywheel and Ford performance throw-out and pilot bearings. It's a stock clutch cable but I deleted the detent adjuster below the dash to allow the stock cable to be a...
  2. B

    Is this normal break in chatter?

    I just had an McLeod RXT twin disc clutch installed and I'm about 350 miles into the 500 mile break in. I've been doing easy starts with about 1500 rpm and it has a shudder and rattling sound. What is troubling is the shudder and rattle continue even after the clutch is completely engaged and...
  3. Cobra*Commander

    Ford KILLS my transmission in front of me

    The post quoted below is an update from the following post I decided a new post may be needed as so much has changed that the previous post's subject no longer applied. The...