1. D

    CCW Twisted Classics or Standard Classic!

    Looking at ordering my wheels this week and needed opinions! I simply cannot decide which pattern I prefer so if you have pics of twisted/traditional that also helps. The wheels will have polished hardware/lip/ and barrels but the center will be brushed tinted gloss.
  2. EditorTurner

    Terminator-Swap 1965 Mustang

    Challenge Accepted Sam Anderson challenged himself to build a 733-horsepower classic Mustang By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Sam Anderson If you have built more than one project car, you always want to push the next one to a higher plane than the last. That was definitely the case for...
  3. EditorTurner

    1,000HP Compound-Boost Classic Mustang SEMA Show Build

    Savage Animal Timeless Kustoms is building an insane Fastback for the SEMA Show By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Timeless Kustoms Each year the entire automotive aftermarket convenes in Las Vegas, Nevada, for The SEMA Show. As you know, this show not only brings out all the latest products to...
  4. EditorTurner

    Revology 1967 Shelby GT500 Replica

    Time Machine Now you can order a Coyote-powered 1967 Shelby GT500 from Revology By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Revology Cars Classic Mustangs with a Shelby lineage are highly sought after collectibles. As a result, it’s extremely rare to see something like a 1967 Shelby GT500 running...
  5. T

    1995 Stage 3 Roush Mustang

    Up for trade or sale is my 1995 stage 3 roush. Very very rare car. 1995 was the first year roush modified the mustang, there were only 18 stage 3's made.[3rd owner, all original, 74k miles, features the rare Roush three piece cowl air intake, paired with cowl hood.(intake alone is said to add...
  6. EditorTurner

    Revology Coyote-Powered Shelby GT-H Replica

    Better Than Ever We took a ride in Revology’s all-new Mustang replica with a modern engine By Steve Turner To the uninitiated observing a Revology Cars vehicle for the first time, looks can be deceiving. Most think these vehicles are restified Mustangs brought back to better than new condition...
  7. EditorTurner

    1965 vs. 2015 Mustang Museum Display

    Half & Half A new museum display celebrates 50 years of Mustang innovation By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company It’s hard to imagine, but many of the original Mustang features were not patented until well after the car was in production. These days the modern Mustang is a...
  8. EditorTurner

    Coyote-Swap 1967 Mustang on History’s American Restoration

    Imagine Coyotes Bodie Stroud built a custom ’67 Mustang for the singer of Imagine Dragons By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Bodie Stroud Industries Coyote swaps are all the rage and a classic Mustang is one of the coolest vessels for a modern 5.0-liter swap. Of course if you are a rock...
  9. EditorTurner

    Coyote-Swap 1966 Mustang

    Gift Horse For his wedding anniversary, Lew Mesta scored a modernized ’66 Mustang By Steve Turner Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Rebel Kustom Paint If you want the secret to a long-lasting marriage, you might want to consult with Pat and Lew Mesta. The couple celebrated their 50th...
  10. 67Stang/00CSVT

    67 Coupe....turbo?

    my weekend cruiser/show car is a 67 mustang coupe with the original 200 I-6 and 3 speed on the floor, and the 7 1/4" rear diff. i know its possible to turbo these engines. however, what size turbo would work best? has anyone done a short block turbo before? im doing it so itll be unique in...
  11. Steve@CJPP

    64-73 Owners Send in Pictures of Your Car!

    Share a picture of your car with us! We're looking for pictures of 1965-1973 Mustangs and hope you can help! If you think you have a great looking 1965-1973 Mustang, snap a picture or two and email them to [email protected]. You might see it in the upcoming 1965-1973 CJ Pony Parts...