cobra 01

  1. RazoSvt

    WANTED: 2001 Cobra Cams.

    In search of 2001 cobra intake cams needed for my engine rebuild. Parts are obsolete from dealers and hoping someone out there can sell me theirs, used or new. Part numbers are YF3Z6250CA & YF3Z6250BA. Please, if someone knows anyone who might have some laying around send them to me.
  2. Horus Works

    New member - 2002 SVT Cobra - Greetings from Australia

    Hi all, new here and good to be on board. I've scoured the internet and this place seems to be a good source of knowledgeable info on these cars. I'll do my best to contribute to the great content where I can. I've already changed ball joints, tie rod ends, rear axis joints and the steering...
  3. Froylan SVT

    30Lb injectors and MAF 90mm Ford racing Upgrade for Cobra 99-01

    Hi Guys I have a Cobra 99 NA and i wonder if can changed the Injectors and MAF (i have injectors and MAF oem) for 30Lb and 90mm MAF Ford racing, or is not recommended this parts for engine NA? in my tunner SCT x4 Shows the option Tune for 30Lb injectors and 90mm MAF, this is why my question...
  4. Jayystangz

    Ouchhh!! Tr3650 grinding 2nd and 4th gear

    So to my Surprise today while minding my business I decided to do a quick first pull (since it was in the shop)my 01 Cobra all went good until 3rd to 4th grinded horribly OUCHH!! Yup brand new clutch and everything about 1k miles or so and clutch in and try and change gear and Nope not...
  5. Lundy37

    2001 cobra convertible 35k miles

    selling my 01 cobra. if you’ve been to mustang week you’ve probably seen it in front of the svtp booth, I’ve worked for sid during mustang week the past 5 or 6 years. and if i still have the car it will be in front of the svtp booth again during mustang week in sept. i work a lot and use my...
  6. 101dsgmach

    99/01 Amber tailights for sale! harnesses/ relay included

    Selling my 99/01 cobra amber tailights, they are in great condition and have no cracks/ scratches. Harnesses and flasher relay are included. Asking $550 shipped anywhere in the US. located in Mount Airy NC, about 30 minutes from Winston Salem. text (336-64eight-02eight9) or direct message...
  7. LetsBoost

    Twin Tubro Set Up?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm new to this website. I'm looking to boost my 01 Cobra, and am currently looking at twin turbo set ups. I don't know TOO much about twin turbos, but I'm guessing they have more than 9 lbs of boost. What do I need to do to my engine before installing...
  8. T

    2001 Cobra IRS Toe Link

    Does anyone have a source for a new IRS toe link. I can't find a listing at any of the jobbers and Ford has discontinued the part. I need the drivers side and will purchase 2 if the right and left are the same. Thanks, Tom
  9. S

    2001 black mustang cobra 40k miles

    For sale is my 2001 mustang cobra with 39,xxx miles on it. It's a 5 speed manual transmission. The car is extremely clean, interior looks brand new exterior is in great condition for it being a 14 year old car. It does have some small scratches and rock chips that can only be seen from inches...
  10. S

    GT to Amber taillight conversion?

    So I recently bought a 2001 Cobra and the drivers side taillight had a LOT of moisture in it. I took the taillight off already and dried the moisture out. The moisture caused the chrome paint on the inside of the light to turn black. My idea was to take the housing from a regular GT and pop the...
  11. J

    99/01 cobra bumper PARTS

    I am selling all the parts for a 99/01 cobra bumper except the actual bumper; I have 99/01 fog light bezels for the driver side and passenger -$85 for both Brand new chin spoiler $45 from american muscle Eagle eye fog lights $50 Brand new LED's (white) to go with them for $40 All prices are...
  12. DieHardChief

    Sacramento Mustang owners

    Anyone in the Sacramento/Northern California area have a reputable mechanic or shop they can recommend? I'd prefer to use a shop that other Cobra/Mustang owners have used and were happy with their professionalism, work, feedback...I know a trusted speedshop/mechanic is hard to come by these...
  13. A

    WTT 2012 Yamaha R1

    I want to trade my fully modded 2012 yamaha r1 just testing the waters it has full yoshi exhaust power commander 5 suspension and motor were built in california at the yamaha race team the bike was dyno'at 225 hp have the dyno sheet and all receipts for work thats been done let me know what you...
  14. In2myCobra

    Im new to the Forum, WHATS UP! and HELP!

    Hey guys my name is Duncan (In2myCobra) and im 18 years old. I am a proud owned of an 01' SVT Cobra. I bought the car around 2 months ago, when something tragic happened. I spun a bearing after only 1,600 miles. I never drove hard on the car and babied the hell out of it. So now Ford is saying i...