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    1st Gen Coyote on 2nd Gen Control Pack / PCM

    I've got a bit of a weird situation. My basic question is can a 2nd gen control pack be tuned to properly control 1st gen cam phasers or do I need to be buying phaser deletes? My intention is to build a gen 2 motor as funds allow but what I have currently is a gen 1 f150 engine with s197 cams...
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    WTB Coyote parts - see description

    Looking for stock used parts from a coyote 5.0: Coil packs Injector wiring harness Timing chains and covers Valve covers Water pump Alternator Control Pack Whole front dress if you have it (alternator, water pump, pulleys, idler pulleys, etc.) Call or text me at 801-232-1292, text preferred